About Us

Sensorteknikk AS is an innovative research and development company specialized in solving/ developing new sensor technology and measuring principles covering a wide range of applications, offshore, industrial, military and distributed ship surveillance and guiding systems. The main activities are systems for optimizing oil and gas production, especially for well flow and separation processes.

Acoustic spectral analysis

Extraction of fluid dynamics properties

Sensorteknikk has developed the way to extract fluid dynamic related properties by explorative, multivariate and acoustic spectroscopic methods.

Separator tanks and pipelines

Dynamic Separation Process Analyser

A new "intelligent" sensor system for improved separation control and enhanced production throughput. A unique and patented technology for continuous measuring of the thermodynamic properties of the surrounding medium. The DSPA enables us to measure the exact levels/layers of gas, foam, oil, emulsion, water and sand in separator tanks and pipelines.

Avoiding colissions

Distributed ship surveillance

Based on the principle of triangulation, the position of a vessel can be accurately estimated via land-based sensors, independently of satellite-based systems like GPS.

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What we Do.

We work every day on developing new and innovative sensor technology and measuring principles to solve some of the problems that arise in the field of industry, military or among the citizens.