DSS - Distributed ship surveillance

Signal processing of the Well Flow Analyzer and spectral presentation of signal
Well Flow Analyser (WFA) system

The distributed ship surveillance system is a land-based passive vessel tracking system. It allows a robust and precise local tracking of the vessel(s). It uses existing signals generated onboard on any vessels utilizing their radars. Each period of the radar our sensors use the detected signal to determine the exact position of the vessel and its radar fingerprint to uniquely identify the vessel.

Based on the time intervals between the various sensor hits, the sector angles are calculated. With the known sector angles, the calculation of the positions takes place based on trigonometric principles.

This makes it robust against jamming, spoofing and various other terror attacks.

With a high modular flexibility the DSS can operate as a stand-alone or a back-up system. Using state of the art filters it is also possible to integrate existing tracking systems and supplement other existing coasts and waterways surveillance systems, such as coastal radar, AIS and GPS etc.

DSS is not yet a ready-to-use solution, but will be operational as soon as the development and test period is finalized.